HappyNites Premium Waterproof Mattress Protector - Soft Breathable Bed Bug Protector Mattress Cover, Hypoallergenic Fitted Sheets with Free Pillowcase Set (Queen Size)

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Product description

Protects against perspiration, urine and fluidsHappyNites mattress protectors provide premium protection against fluids, urine and perspiration. This has made them especially helpful for those with kids, pets, incontinence and reduce odor. HappyNites premium mattress protectors safeguard your mattress against fluids and stains offering peace of mind and provide a more nicer sleeping environment for you and your family.

Soft Cotton Terry Surface - Cool, Breathable and NoiselessHappyNites ’s premium cotton terry surface design is soft, smooth, and noiseless. Cotton terry naturally breathes and allows air and heat to pass through, keeping your bed cool and dry. HappyNites only use the finest high quality materials for their protectors to ensure your sleep experience will be just as quiet and comfortable as before it was used

Designed to Fit PerfectlyThe HappyNites Mattress Protector has a fitted sheet protector style and is designed not to interfere with the current feel of your mattress and are designed for all types of mattresses including memory foam and innerspring. It comes with two fitted pillow cases too. For firm, medium or soft mattresses, your bed will still have the same feel after our protector is applied.

PVC Free Waterproof Breathable MembraneProtect your mattress from fluid spills like sweat and urine with HappyNites’s special membrane protective layer. This unique protector blocks fluids from reaching the mattress while still allowing the mattress to breathe preventing heat build-up.

Soft Cotton Terry Surface - Breathable, Cool and Noiseless