Medokare Commode Liners Pail Bags

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Product description

✔✔ FOR EASY HYGIENIC COMMODE CLEAN-UP - Changing and cleaning commodes doesn't have to be difficult. It is easier with these convenient bedside commode liners
✔✔ SUPER ABSORBENT PAD SOLIDIFIES WASTE to prevent spills, turns 16oz/450ml of body fluids into a gel for quick, simple and easy hygienic clean up
✔✔ NO MORE ODORS , SPILLS , OR SPLASHES once you seal the commode bags with the integral bag pull straps
✔✔ PRACTICAL AND ECONOMICAL - Great for home, while traveling, or in health institutions and improves daily living for both the user and his or her caregiver
✔✔ MEDICAL GRADE HYGIENIC PAIL BAG - Universal designed to fit to most commode pails or commode bucket